2017 Goals

I Fucking Love to set a goal. I don’t even care that New Year’s resolutions are arbitrary and cheesy, I relish that shit. This year a lot of my goals are around promoting better ~self care~ in the form of regular creative activity and intellectual development. I also want to do these things with other people instead of alone and pantsless in my apartment. I mean, I don’t actually want to go outside, but it’s usually good for me to have things like “friends” and “the ability to come in contact with sunlight without hissing.”

Here they are:

  1. Make AT LEAST one thing per month
    • Sew AT LEAST one thing
    • Explore other creative hobbies and home improvement projects as interest warrants
    • Cooking regular meals doesn’t count but canning does
  2. Read equal parts garbage fiction, actually good fiction, and the dreaded nonfiction
    • Reading stretch goal: either read or sell all my unread nonfiction in the house
  3. More actively maintain friendships via planning activities like weekend trips, museum members’ nights, game night, regular regional parks outings, etc
  4. See more of the world!
    • Travel somewhere new internationally
    • Visit one new national park
  5. Yoga 4 times per week
  6. Get help getting finances in order

I’m going to keep this blog as a log primarily for goals #1 & #2, but I’ll try to check in about the others too. I like to reflect via writing on things I make and read. It’s good for me and it’s useful to have a written record of what I’ve done for the next time I want to do it.

Eat shit 2017! I’m coming for you!!!


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