Mid-January Goal Check-In 

Here are some things I want to log that aren’t projects of their own, exactly.


Last week I hit the midpoint of Yoga with Adriene’s 31 day Yoga Revolution series. Days 14-17 made me cry three times. I understand I can benefit from the slower pacing & heavier emphasis on personal reflection of this series, but it’s uncomfortable and I don’t like it. I’m either impatiently inventing moves while Adriene babbles, or I’m weeping over being given permission to be kind to myself. Sounds healthy!

For real though, it’s been good and I’m glad that I’ve kept up with it. I haven’t noticed any physical changes, but I tend not to. This week I should start thinking about a plan for when the series ends.


I went to a free financial management workshop! It turned out to be mostly useless and maaaaybe a pyramid scheme. It also took the spicy ideological position that what separates the rich from the poor is stern sticktoitiveness and personal responsibility. Naturally, afterward I hauled ass to Taco Bell and then bought some potting soil and succulents that I didn’t necessarily need. Budget that!!! No really, I should.

Indoor Gardening

I had a ton of planters, mugs I wanted to turn into planters, dead plants, and dying plants sitting outside since last August. I cleaned everything up and planted the heck out of it. I also experimented with taking succulent cuttings. Then I fertilized everything even though it’s winter. The plants look like they’re doing okay! Except the slowly blackening pitcher plant in the bathroom, which I am not going to take a picture of because it is depressing.

Here come some cruddy phone pictures. I will have to figure out the whole blogger photography thing, I think you just crank the brightness til everything is washed out?

Living room window:

window1 012317
Mug at the lower right replanted with a succulent cutting that seems to be doing okay except one dying petal. Leaf?
window2 012317
I replaced a dead plant in the turquoise planter with another succulent cutting. I also added two vine cuttings to a neat wine bottle, but they don’t seem to be rooting.

These guys usually live on the bar in the living room, but the light was bad enough to keep even me from taking pictures there.

bar 012317
I originally made this succulent planter at a design meetup hosted by Pinterest, who are at least a little self-aware. The original succulents died in about two months and stayed dead in the planter for two years. Now a fuzzy collection lives again!
bar2 012317
Stole this terrarium from work. Removed a dead plant, replaced it with a ceramic crane, and somehow got mud all over everything.


dresser 012317
I should paint that rusty frame, dang. A work friend gave me this tiny cactus and I didn’t kill it through a year of neglect. Let’s see if I can kill it with love!
bed 012317
This pumpkin planter from Whole Foods has killed three different plants so far. This succulent was another work gift that’s survived me for a year. Maybe they will survive each other?

I still have one chipped mug to turn into a planter. I’m waiting for a cactus cutting I took to scab before I plant it. Not pictured: cat-magnet monstera, unhappy pitcher plant, very happy pothos vine, very happy hanging pothos, dormant sundew. Oh, and I finally killed my pathetic basil plant when I tried to make its last remaining stalk root in water. Still, I went from no plants to loads of plants last year. I hope I can keep everything sort of alive in 2017.

Friends & Parks

A non-New Year’s goal (I have a lot of goals) is to make the most of living in the SF Bay by taking better advantage of neat new-to-me local things. A week ago David, some friends, and I went to the historic Paramount Theatre and watched the historic film Vertigo, from history. Here’s what it looked like:

Their website is amazing and I hope they never redesign it.

None of us can decide if we liked Vertigo, but I highly recommend the $5 classic movie nights. There was an organ player on a rising platform, they played some 50s and 60s news reels and cartoons, and they had a lady in a cool dress spin a wheel for a few raffle prizes. Firmly rated Neat.

David, David’s cousin Lance, and I also went to Muir Woods while it was rainy as hell. I took my film camera but it was too dark for anything to turn out. Here’s a good picture that David took.

So far so good, 2017. My hope is that this week I can finally make my book kit and start work on my Vogue 8909 pants!


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