This blog is called “Liz vs Projects” because DIY is a war and I am cheerfully losing. I am a serial joyful amateur; I love learning to do new things, but I mostly hate having to try to be good at them. I do it anyway. One time it took me three years to refurbish a chair.

If you like to read loads of words about creative projects done in a spirit of boundless enthusiasm & spiked with mercurial shifts to sheer fury, I’m your girl! I write about sewing, canning/preserving, attempting indoor gardening, and reading. I hope to do more embroidery and bookbinding. You can read more of what I hope to do here.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am exactly as stereotypical as you’d expect, except my bullet journal is messy and I make theatrical gagging noises every time I see Kinfolk at the grocery checkout. I have a husband who listens to music and a cat who covers my beautiful chair in litter.