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2017 Sewing Goals

My main sewing goals for 2017 are to sew more frequently and more carefully. When I’m looking for excuses to feel bad about myself, I often fixate on the fact that I’ve been sewing garments for about two decades and I’m barely above the advanced beginner stage. I want to be more meticulous with boring, labor-intensive set up that will pay off with way nicer finished projects.

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2017 Goals

I Fucking Love to set a goal. I don’t even care that New Year’s resolutions are arbitrary and cheesy, I relish that shit. This year a lot of my goals are around promoting better ~self care~ in the form of regular creative activity and intellectual development. I also want to do these things with other people instead of alone and pantsless in my apartment. I mean, I don’t actually want to go outside, but it’s usually good for me to have things like “friends” and “the ability to come in contact with sunlight without hissing.”

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