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February Preserving: Gravlax & Citrus Salt

I’m really enjoying the Food in Jars Mastery Challenge so far. We’ve already eaten most of last month’s marmalade. Turns out we really like marmalade. Who knew?

This month’s theme is salt preserves. I make kimchi regularly, and I’m pretty familiar with salt preserved lemons. I like the flavor of the lemons but I just don’t use them very often. I have a 1+ year old jar in my fridge that are super good in a Bloody Mary. I almost caved and made more anyway after I saw this huge list of recipes and the gorgeous preserved grapefruit. But I really wanted to make something that we’d eat and eat quickly, so I decided on gravlax and a batch of citrus salt.

What follows aren’t recipes or reviews, exactly. It’s more explanations of what I did, and reflections on what worked and what I might change.

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Old Fashioned Cocktail Marmalade

I decided at practically the last minute to join the Food in Jars Mastery Challenge, and this is my actual last minute entry for January. This month’s preserve is marmalade. I’ve made marmalade once before. A coworker brought a huge bucket of backyard Meyer lemons into the office and let me take 3 pounds for free. I made 5 half pints, I think, and I ended up giving all of them away as gifts. Time to try it again and actually keep some this time!

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